Oil Exploration & Interpretation Consultants

In addition to our core business of multi client studies, GEO International also offer a range of geophysical and geological services.

Basin Modelling

GEO International provides a range of basin modelling services.

  • Basin Modelling using Trinity and Genesis software
  • Flexural backstripping, calculation of tectonic subsidence and crustal stretching.
  • Heat flow modelling.
  • Modelling of oil and gas generation, migration pathways and accumulations.

Exploration Services

GEO International can assist in new venture exploration with new opportunity identification and basin screening.

  • Basin and block evaluations
  • Basin modelling, reconstruction and analysis of heat flow data
  • Play fairway mapping to aid in licence applications
  • Designing seismic surveys
  • Salt cavern investigations for gas storage in UK and Western Europe
  • Salt tectonics interpretation

Geographical Information Systems

GEO International has built an effective GIS team with a petroleum business focus and the skills to set up and manage GIS projects at any scale. We offer support on a tailored basis, from basic data input to complex project building and management.

  • Petroleum system & basin modelling and integration into regional context.
  • Exploration data management in a GIS including links to internal digital libraries (reports, wells, seismic, maps, licence contracts, etc).
  • Integration of DEMs, satellite imagery, gravity and bathymetric data.
  • High quality, large volume digitising services – convert your map databases into the GIS domain at a reasonable cost.
  • Systematic play fairway mapping and ranking within ArcGIS

Seismic Interpretation

GEO International has a small but highly effective interpretation team with a combined 50 years experience in international exploration ventures.

  • Regional 2D and 3D structural and stratigraphic interpretation, with particular focus on salt basins and passive margin architecture
  • 3D data sets mapping at regional, block, and prospect scale
  • Amplitude and facies mapping
  • Computer mapping and grid manipulation
  • Depth conversion and volumetric calculations
  • Rock physics and AVO analysis to help determine potential hydrocarbon phase and reservoir fill
  • Experience in detailed pre- and post-drilling interpretation with a particular experience in drilling around salt diapirs
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