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Northern Caribbean
ArcMap Digital Atlas & Reports

This Report provides a summary of the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Northern Caribbean focussing on Cuba, Bahamas and Jamaica. It is provided as an ArcGIS project with supplementary dossiers in PowerPoint format. We use a comprehensive compilation of public domain data which is being continually updated.

Digital Atlas & Reports

  • Mapped onshore geology with interchangeable chronostratigraphic and lithological legends, predominantly 1:250,000 scale
  • Mapped structures; major growth faults, strike-slip faults, thrusts, lineaments, fold axial traces
  • Mapped hydrocarbons; oil fields, gas fields, condensate fields, plus prospects and leads
  • Extensive data collation; source rock distribution & maturity, volcanic outlines, surface oil slicks, seeps, geochronological data, mapped OCB...
  • Public domain gravity data, processed by GEO International
  • 400+ embedded seismic lines and cross-sections
  • 60+ embedded wells
  • 230+ references within a hyperlinked bibliography

Why explore in Cuba?

  • Proven oil province with a wide range of opportunities
  • Complex geology and inefficient exploration, modern technology will lead to geologically-driven discoveries
  • Low operating costs & decreasing barriers to foreign participation
  • Giant prospects in easily accessible foldbelts
  • Jurassic rotated fault blocks in the NW Cuban Platform
  • Stratigraphic traps in foreland basin
  • Large potential for enhanced oil recovery
  • USGS (2004) assessment of mean, undiscovered recoverable reserves = 4.6-9.3 billion barrels

Why explore in The Bahamas?

  • Carbonate platform adjacent to Cuban foredeep
  • 5 wells drilled - each with oil & gas shows
  • Large anticlinal structures mapped in foredeep margin
  • Faulted intra-platform prospects with carbonate build-up geometries
  • Attractive operating & regulatory regime, with farm-in opportunities

Why explore in Jamaica?

  • Active oil generation - onshore seeps and shows in many wells
  • 11 wells drilled to date - only 2 offshore
  • Extensive continental platform and EEZ spanning 250,000 km²
  • Good reefal carbonate development + good clastic reservoir presence
  • Extensive 2D seismic surveying with structural prospects mapped
  • Petrojam refinery located in Kingston with 36,000 BOPD capacity
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