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African Interior Rift Basins

Reviews all African Rifts: determines common themes and extends knowledge of explored rifts into more frontier basins

Report and Digital Atlas Contents

  • Detailed, merged digital surface geology maps of the whole of Africa with interchangeable chronostratigraphic and lithological legends
  • Compiled Landsat and SRTM-DEM coverage in ArcGIS
  • Depth-structure maps and isopachs integrated with detailed fault interpretations
  • 450 hyperlinked seismic lines and cross-sections
  • Hyperlinks to 175 wells
  • 830+ references (as of Q4 2014)
  • Source and reservoir data integrated with predictive maps
  • Charge kitchen prediction
  • Play analysis in certain basins
  • Individual Basin Dossiers summarising chronostratigraphy, paleoclimate, rifting events and history of the basin.

A selection of imagery from the study:

3D view of Top Basement combined with DEM Structural contour map with seismic line locations Example of regional structure map Example of regional structure map

Hydrocarbon Potential of the African Interior Rift Basins

  • Major oil discoveries in several Cretaceous and Cenozoic rifts
  • Rifting from Infra-Cambrian to recent times –many basins unexplored
  • High potential for source, reservoir and trap development
  • Very localised exploration to date
  • Poor understanding of common themes between rifts from different locations and ages
  • Huge scope for recognising new exploration opportunities with geological insight

List of Basins covered in this Report

  • Gao, Nara, Tilemsi
  • Iullemeden-Sokoto
  • Tenere-Termit-Kafra
  • Greater Chad
  • Benue
  • Doba – Salamat
  • Muglad
  • Melut & White Nile
  • Blue Nile
  • Anza Basin
  • Horn of Africa
  • Afar
  • Turkana Basin
  • Lockichar
  • Kenyan-Gregory Rift
  • Albertine
  • Lake Edward
  • Tanganyika
  • Malawi
  • Botwana-Kalahari
  • Zambesi
  • Luangwa
  • Luama
  • Rukwa
  • Usangu
  • Rovuma
  • Ruhuhu
  • Matangula-Selous-Rufiji
  • Ruvu-Mandawa-Mozambique
  • Tuli-Save-South Mozambique
  • Congo & Kassange
  • Taoudeni
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    Further Details

    Product supplied as an ArcGIS project and hardcopy report.

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