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About GEO International

GEO International Ltd.  is a new consulting group co-directed by Matthew Taylor and Ian Davison which provides geophysical and geological expert services for oil exploration and production companies.

We fill a niche market which lies between individual consultants and large multi-layered organisations. We can draw on the experience of a small network of highly-experienced consultants who will combine with younger geoscientists to provide comprehensive geological and geophysical evaluations at the regional, block and prospect scales. 

The strength of our consultancy group is that we are able to use our resources in a very effective way, because we are small and focused.  Our ethos of strong co-operation will ensure that our work output is multifaceted and creative, but also thorough. The principal consultants have a combination of strong backgrounds in geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, production and petroleum economics and we have specialised in international exploration over the last twenty five years.

We keep well informed by dealing with a large client base of small and major oil companies and by giving multi-client short courses.

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