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GEO International

Geographical Information Systems

GEO International has built an effective GIS team with a petroleum business focus and the skills to set up and manage GIS projects at any scale. 

We offer support on a tailored basis, from basic data input to complex project build and management, including services such as:

  1. Petroleum system & basin modeling and integration into regional context.
  2. Exploration data management in GIS including links to internal digital libraries (reports, wells, seismic, maps, license contracts, etc).
  3. Integration of DEM’s, satellite imagery, gravity and bathymetric data.
  4. GIS training for geoscientists in exploration and new ventures.
  5. High quality, large volume digitising services - convert your map databases into the GIS domain at a reasonable cost.
  6. Systematic play fairway mapping and ranking within ArcGIS


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