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East Africa:
Indian Ocean Margin Geological Atlas

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The East African margin was a neglected exploration blackwater and was perceived to be a gas prone margin, until the recent discovery of gas in Tanzania and Mozambique in Tertiary turbidite deposits.

Our new digital atlas of the East African Indian Margin aims to bring explorationists up to date, and review the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the margin. The ArcView Geographical Information System maps cover the area from South Africa to the Horn of Africa.

Gross Depositional Environment and Play Fairway maps summarise existing knowledge of the source and reservoir potential.

The study comprises:

  • Digitised geological and geophysical maps of the East African Margin from South African
    to Somalia.

  • Chronostratigraphic columns - presented for all basins along with a lithostratigraphic correlation diagram of the whole margin.

  • Full gravity and magnetic grids – Magnetic, Free Air, Bouguer and Residual
    Gravity anomalies.

  • 12 maps of Gross Depositional Environment – Triassic to Miocene.

  • Comprehensive Basin dossier for all basins. Click here for list >

  • Other information such as earthquake and present day stress tensors, heatflow data, location of major faults and fracture zones, and seep data.

  • Full litho-stratigraphic correlation long the entire margin.

  • Uniform compilation of published sections (~270) and wells (~150).

  • Bibliography with 522 references updated to 2012.

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